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My 'lil' sister's Bypass surgery

My niece, Laura, called a little while ago. Her mother, my sister, ended up with triple bypasses. She was still in recovery, and my niece, nephew and mother were going to be able to see her in approx. an hour.

Youngest nephew, stayed home with the dog (yes, that SOUNDS awful, but you'd have to know how my sister feels about this dog.... and you'd also have to know Aaron, he'd be an unholey terrorizor in a hospital all day)



*some* Live to Knit... *i* Knit to Live !!

Such a title for a post, eh? It's true... some live to knit, whereas I knit to live. Howzat? I could not have survived most of the curves life has sent me without knitting (or crocheting or spinning or tatting, or working bobbinlace!)

I've lost too many ppl. in my time on this planet, and every instance has had me clamoring for my needles.

DH's cancer... no way could I have gotten through that without my knitting... keeping busy, keeping me sane in an insane situation (yes, I know there are many who doubt my sanity-LOL-I guess my comeback to that would be, crap on your own doorstep before crapping on mine, grin!...and when you've walked a mile in my mocossins..... ah well....)

I've oodles to DO today, and tomorrow is my little sister's bypass surgery. She's now informed me not to contact her till afterwards, and I'm to wait a month. (can ya'll tell that I'm on her sXit-list?) So... I will knit. I'll design something especially for her, and send it to her when the timing is right. In the meantime, she also can't stop me from sending her little pressies along the way.... she loves "Tigger" and I got him for her, she loves MatchBox and HotWheels cars, and three of the newest are already waiting to be sent. My mother advised me to NOT send flowers to the Hospital, to wait and send them to Nan at home... good advice /methinks.


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Not-so-evil *enabling*: KonaBay has 5 FREE knitting patterns. They range from beginner/easy to intermediate, available in PDF format. (although it's "easy", I personally LIKE the Lace Cardigan!

A note to BB: I really haven't meant to blow you off, honest ;) ... I'll try to get that sock pattern typed up SOON!
Shawl knitting AND Shawl crocheting: I'm having a little brain-fart regarding math in working a particular lace pattern into the center panel of the faroese-style shawl I'm working on designing. As for crocheting, I've got a simple triangular one 3/4 done, for a family member who *needs* a Prayer Shawl.
I'm still working up the promised Book Review (see previous post).
Need a quick gift idea? Got left-over sock yarn? Add a knitted or crocheted edging motif to cuffs on store-bought sox! Another quick gift idea....Do you tat? Add a quick tatted edging motif at the neck and/or at the sleeves of a summer-tee! You can also crochet one. For those of you who can't work without a pattern, I guess you're SOL, grin!

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Cascade 220 at ONE FINE YARN

One Fine Yarn has Cascade 220 on sale!

Use coupon code "220" to receive 15% off
Cascade 220
Cascade 220 Tweed
Cascade 220 Superwash

Excludes special order colors and grabbags.
Minimum order $40

I love texture for , and . It works up so nicely for and Why, yes, I'm an evil-enabler! Do I feel guilty? No! ;)

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Red Peruvian Alpaca Spiral Shawl

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Stitch and Bitch

I was just thinking about this lawsuit, Deb Stoller, and Stitch and

Well... Deb Stoller's got a book out called "Happy Hooker"... if I were
Xaviera Hollander, I'd sue Deb Stoller... after all, Ms. X.H. is the
'original' Happy Hooker, snerk!

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WIP's and UFO's

The socks I'm knitting for Terri are put aside for a bit, my eyes need the rest!

But! I picked up some Caron's Simply Soft in huge skeins in the colour "Mango" which is perfect as a TN Vol's orange, and mixed with white, I'm crocheting an afghan for Jacey, my DGD-to-be (SOON, we all hope!)

My NYCO, (Flower Petal Shawl, free pattern available from Elann.com, HERE) has been woefully ignored.... I cast-on for MINE, got many rows done, but then started on all the (see previous posts |1||2||3||4||5|) baby things for Jacey... The original plan of attack for NYCO was to make three of them, one for me, one to sell, and one to be gifted to someone who needs to remain nameless, as she reads my blog, and I don't want her to know, grin!

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a message for knotingale, if you'd please forward it, regarding her quest for an url she lost:

/me thinks the one you mentioned losing the url for, with dowels, etc might be this one:


you're welcome.



ATTN: knotingale at Knitting Community!!

regarding your post:

/me thinks the one you mentioned losing the url for, with dowels, etc might be this one:


WHY I: (follows)

Why I knit:

Why do I knit? I find it exhilarating to create something with my own hands. Knitting.. the counting, the opening up of a design after a few rows, it’s just SO creative!
I’m one of those people that can ‘get’ a fifteen row pattern design ‘down’ after the first ’round’, I also rarely watch my knitting. Occasionally I have to count, but since mathematics, and repitition are my strong points… no problem!
I personally find knitting to be a very soothing hobby… a little light classical or some good REAL country music, and I can sit and knit for hours on end.
While my DH was receiving chemo treatments, which took five hours, it was nothing for me to knit an entire scarf, or a hat or two, depending on the pattern, needles and yarn.
Another thing I adore about knitting is the vastness of it’s scope… so many patterns/designs can be modified with different yarns, different needles, and one gets entirely different results! I’ve taken lace patterns meant for extremely fine weight yarns, upped them to worsted and even bulky, and made some gorgeous afghans!
I’ve done almost the same in reverse with some bulky and worsted patterns that aren’t necessarily lacey, but made them so by using fine fine yarn and a medium sized needle!
THAT’s why I knit, and LOVE it!

Why I crochet:

yarn AND thread!}
Why do I crochet? It’s so portable! Unlike knitting, you can easily stop in the middle of a row or a round, and carry your work. It’s also QUICK! The ‘only’ real downside to crochet, especially with yarn, is that it uses 1/3 more than knitting, in an item of the same size and texture. (Don’t believe me? Try it yourself, LOL!)
I actually learned to knit before learning to crochet, both at the tender age of six. Crocheting is both relaxing and stimulating… and FUN!
I adore crocheting with thread.. and I like mixing thread crochet with my tatting and bobbin-lace (torchon) creations.
Crocheting new designs … I’m as passionate about that as I am creating new knit designs! I like the varied effects you get with crochet, mixing and matching stitches to create a new landscape!
THAT’s why I crochet!


Why do I spin? There’s something absolutely magical about taking raw product and making one’s own yarn! I find it positively mesmerizing! The control . . . a yarn like no other, the dyeing, and colouring like no other.
Time flies when I’m spinning. (and it’s SO wonderful for my hands, grin!)
My wheel is like an appendage. It’s magic is controlled by forces beyond mere human hands, I swear it has a will of it’s own, and creates beauty on it’s own entirely!
Spinning FL
I’m also enthralled with spindle spinning, a quite portable way to make yarn away from home!
Being the total Yarn Snob that I am, working with natural fibres feeds my needs!
So, dear readers, thats why I Spin !!

Why I: TAT and work BOBBINLACE

Tatting and BobbinLace, along with spinning, are things I didn’t learn from my mom!
I’m a self-taught tatter, NATA #447. (NATA, you ask? *n*uts *a*bout *t*atting *a*ssociation!) I do both shuttle and needle tatting, but really prefer the shuttle. I recall dreading the ‘flip’, but actually GETTING it the second try! I really should mention that my DH, a former USN man, who was a Boatswain’s Mate, was extremely helpful in ‘getting’ tatting!
Bobbin-lace, aka pillow-lace, was just a natural follow-through for me. I plainly adore lace! Since I had mastered macrame` “way-back-when”, I found it particularly easy.



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