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9 inch circs!!!!!

I absolutely adore KA bamboo circular needles, they have the very coveted SWIVEL join (as do Lantern Moon and Chrystal Palace circs).... Paradise Fibers, my FAVE online source HAS <strong>9 inch circulars!</strong>

Get yours @ Paradise Fibers.net

Y'know, they're just SO handy, esp in sit'ns where DPNs, or magic loop, or 2 long circs just aren't PRACTICAL!

Paradise Fibers.net



Screwed up. Period.

Shawl progress, other updates

I'm about 2/3rds done, on row 156 (?) and 423 st's on the needles.

Today I've a lot of paperwork to do, VA letters for DH's case; letters to purchasing agents for my upcoming projects; preparation for a local newspaper interview; preparation for this year's DeKalb county fair; getting tax 'stuff' together, etc.

Tonight will be a good knitting night, a full half-hour of the TV being set to anything BUT Shrubya's over-touted so-called 'speech'.

I'm SO looking forward to this year's WWKIP day, which I'm again hostessing. Although I live in Alexandria, Watertown in Wilson county will again be the location. Because I've prepped early, I'm quite sure there will be a bigger turn-out this year. You can check out WWKIP day '07 in the left side-bar HERE

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Wouldn't still BE a secret if I spilled the beans here, suffice to say, I'm happy dancing about "something" and it's in reference to one of my niche's: KNITTING!

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Working?? Playing??

Heavily modified "Alka Faroese" shawl (Myrna Stahmann pattern, revamped!)


and... the first of a pair of sox:


It's DH's birthday today, yep it rolls around every year on Christmas Eve!
Strangely, no phone calls from either of the girls as of yet; I wonder what they've got up their sneaky sleeves?
The mail has not brought a card from Kelley and family, or Christy and Terri, nor did our Christmas pressies from Christy and Terri arrive in time... ah well, perhaps Tuesday. :(
Had dinner with MaryAnn and BJ last night, it was great to see MaryAnn again. (Bill's been gone almost two years now)

KNITTING: re-started one of the Faroese shawls, hope to post some progress pix as it grows. (I really dislike frogging and starting over, with 42+ years of experience, that is NOT supposed to occur!)

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..catching a breath ..

So... Jacey's Poncho is finished... washed and blocking this afternoon. Since we're not getting the COWBOYS game on CBS, I've got time to contemplate another project. I know... nod-nod-nod, I've still got some socks on the needles, and I've got some patterns "on-hold-to-order', and various things I could be working on.

I've been asked about Jacey's poncho:

1. How did it come about that you've already made her a second poncho when she's only 6 months old?

2. How did you come up with the design/pattern?

A: (1); Kelley recently said on the phone that the first one seemed small, that it only reached the middle of Jacey's arms.... seemed ODD to me, as when I made that one, I thought it was big, and she might not be able to wear it until after she was a year old! (Still seems odd to me!) So, I decided to make another, bigger poncho. Don says THIS one is HUGE, he envisions her at 4 and 'swimming' in it.... methinks so TOO! {perhaps Kelley is putting it on Jacey sideways? I wonder?}

A: (2); Ponchos are simple-simple-simple. This one, and all I make, is/are knit on circ's, top down. If you ask me NICELY, I'll probably share the pattern.

Today is my cousin Fran's 30th Wedding Anniversary~HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Fran and Andy!

I'm in the mood to work on more socks, more moebius, some scarves, and some Faroese shawls. I really need to shop for yarn, as my stash is earmarked for 'other things'; IE: gifts, lapghans, etc.

I've been busy on-line, as well. The KnitPICKERS Cafe` (forum) and The KnittingAround Cafe` (forum) are again re-attracting the members 'lost' in the host/server move, and I'm helping out at the Socknitters forum AND now the Knitted-Lace forum.

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Due to circumstances, please catch up with me @ Noreen's Knit*che...YARNWRIGHT

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Heat-wave Knitting (and/or) Crocheting

Good Afternoon, RCTY!

Before I begin with regards to Summer knitting and summer crocheting, thought I should mention... my lump DID turn out to be a hormonal cyst, just as I suspected.
I also should mention what I've decided to do about Myrna's ALKA Faroese Shawl... zilch, nada, nothing, LOL! I AM going to make this shawl, and most likely will wing it from the dastardly charts.

USA Independance Day, and Canada Day ~ traditionally a 'hot' weekend, in more ways than one!

Many yarn-crafters slow down during the heat of the summer months, I don't! I choose projects and yarns FOR the season. One huge mistake 'newbies' make, is using acrylics, micro-fibre's, etc. DON'T! I realize a lot of you THINK wool is hot, it is NOT! Natural fibre's wick moisture, and are also very temperate, in other words, wool, silk, cotton, etc will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Choose light projects, socks, shawls, stoles, wraps, lightweight baby items... leave the bulky afghans for the fall and winter. Also, if you're experienced, you may not need as much 'light' to knit by.

Knitting, or crocheting by 'feel' is a skill .. it takes time, but you CAN do it.

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De-stashing a bit, parital list:

I need to destash a few things:

(brand-new) At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl McPhee | cost: $9.95 |
make reasonable offer + postage.

(brand-new) Socks Soar on 2 Circ's by Cat Bordhi | cost: $16.95 |
make reasonable offer + postage.

(brand-new) Boye 10 inch US 13 straight knitting needles | cost:
forgot! | make offer + postage.

(brand-new) Balene II 29 inch circular knitting needles, in US
sizes: 4, 5, 8, 10 and 11 | cost: $5.95 ea. | make offer +

(brand-new) Bryspun 16 inch circular knitting needles, US sizes 3 and
4 | cost: $4.95 ea. | make offer + postage.

(brand-new) Susan Bates 16 inch (plastic) circular knitting needle,
US size 6 | cost: $4.75 | make offer + postage.

I will consider all reasonable offers. I accept PayPal, money orders
and cashier's checks. I would also accept gift certificates to the
stores of my choice.

Also, don't forget, the BEST personal crafting journal you'll ever use
is @ http://www.lulu.com/content/292418

If interested and making an offer, click on connect in the right side-bar, if it's there, or.. leave a comment!.

This is just a parital list, MORE will be added when I have TIME.

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